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About Tanzania Child Rights Forum (TCRF)

Join Us in Making a Difference

Tanzania Child Rights Forum (TCRF) is a platform with open membership committed to credibly support the fulfilment of children’s rights in Tanzania formed in 2009 and registered in March 2012.

TCRF aims to empower and strengthen the capacity of right holders and duty bearers and invest on evidence based and timely advocacy, monitoring, and reporting of best practices that works for the wellbeing and welfare of the children. TCRF has three elements in fulfilling its mission: The Children, a network of Civil Societies, and the Government.

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Empowering Children, Transforming Lives

What we do

TCRF brings together Civil Society organizations and private sector that are working with and for children in Tanzania to drive a common agenda for the well being and welfare of Tanzania children. Through this collaboration CSOs are able to identify critical policy issues that necessitates engaging with policymakers within the government through advocacy in order to address bottlenecks to children rights through various policy interventions.

TCRF links Tanzania’s CSOs with the international and regional child rights monitoring frameworks and mechanisms through promoting and supporting members to improve capacity in implementing child rights focused interventions at desired and recognised standards as defined by the national, regional and international instruments.

TCRF collaborates with the Government of Tanzania in coordinating member organizations and partners in the domestication of International and Regional child rights conventions, monitoring the status of implementation, evaluate the results and ultimately in preparing CSOs Alternative reports to the respective Committees on the rights of the child. TCRF also engage children in monitoring implementation of child rights conventions through facilitating preparation of independent children Alternative reports.

Equality and Diversity


Shared ownership
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Participation and inclusion


Transparency and accountability



Core Values

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